Getting Married on the Beach

Things to Consider When Planning

Who doesn’t love a beautiful beach wedding? Beach weddings are a breathtakingly beautiful setting to say your I do’s. Here in the Garden State we have over 60 beaches. Other states that boast alluring beach views for your ceremony include Florida, Hawaii, California, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Virginia. Without further ado, let’s get into a few pros and cons you should definitely consider when planning a beachfront wedding!

Beginning with the pros, cost is always the number one question when it comes to anything wedding related. Beach weddings in New Jersey start at $8,500, way cheaper than the average wedding cost of around $30,000! The cost of a destination beach wedding varies from country to country and you need to factor in costs such as plane tickets and stay. 

Second on our list of pros is the view of course! You can save money on decor as you’ll be gazing at the beautiful sky and ocean view right before you. All you’ll really have to worry about is seating, an arch for your altar, flowers, and signage if you’d like. 

Our last pro is a good one! You and your guests can dress in more relaxed attire. It’s typically a little warmer out since many beach weddings take place between April - June (and even some in September and October), so guests may want to stay cooler with light fabrics like chiffon, jersey cotton and linen pants for men. We would suggest the following: 

  • Choose lighter colors
  • Ditch the suit jacket
  •  Opt for shorter dresses
  • Switch out the veil for a headpiece like a tiara, flower crown or decorative barrettes

It’s time for the cons isn’t it? One of the worst outcomes of hosting a beach wedding is of course the weather. If we could control the elements on our special day I’m sure we all would; however that isn’t our reality. Rain and excessive heat and humidity can surely put a damper on your big day. We suggest that you have a backup plan. There are many beachfront venues that have plenty of indoor spaces in case weather is not on your side. Many couples also reserve a tent as a backup. 

Next con: Birds. Especially those seagulls! Don’t get us wrong, birds are beautiful creatures, but during your beach wedding we would hate it if the loud squawking of a seagull ruins your wedding video or drowns out the music as you walk down the aisle or if a bird releases on you or your guests during the ceremony. Yikes! Also, if you plan on having your reception on the beach as well, do yourself a favor and rent a tent. Seagulls love to steal food and will snatch it right out of your guests’ hands! Unfortunately, we can’t control them, but please keep their presence in mind. 

To wrap our list up, we have one more con. Rules surrounding events vary from beach to beach and state to state. Licenses and permits must be acquired months before and depending on the state the process is typically longer for non-residents. While some beaches will allow you to host both your ceremony and reception, there are some that only allow ceremonies. A few other rules/regulations and details to keep in mind include: 

  • Checking if you will need liability insurance or other insurances
  • Finding out how early you can/need to set up 
  • Finding out guest limit and how many vendors the permit allows
  • Considering any accessibility issues for your guests and how you can provide accommodations
  • Checking for rules or laws against alcohol if you’re planning a reception on the beach as well
  • If you plan on having an audio setup, see if you can have a power source or need to use battery-powered devices, speak with your DJ to see what they know. We suggest entertainers from SoundEfxDJs, so check out !

That’s all we have! We hope you gained a little more insight from our list. If you’re planning or considering a beach wedding we wish you the best of luck and favorable weather!

Best Wishes, 

Bridal Town Productions

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