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We’re starting the new week off with a little this vs that for all of our engaged couples who are searching for a venue. Selecting the perfect venue for your budget and needs is crucial, as we discussed in our blog titled, “Searching for Your Wedding Venue”. Another important decision to make during your search is whether you want an indoor or outdoor wedding. This of course depends on the personal tastes of the couple as well as the season and possibly your budget. So let’s get to it! 

To begin, one of the biggest concerns with having an outdoor wedding is the weather (those beach weddings we discussed in the blog before)! Mother Nature can be very unpredictable! Rain, wind, heat, and cold can affect your special day. If you are considering an outdoor wedding please have a backup plan and be prepared for the what ifs. Many couples are opting for tents and other methods to protect them and their guests from the elements! Another concern for many is the possibility of some unwanted guests…bugs. Depending on where your wedding is, the venue may already have their space sprayed for critters, but don’t be afraid to ask! 

Enough about the concerns now, what about the pros of an outdoor wedding? Outdoor weddings at places like gardens and beaches are an easy way to capture the most beautiful photos when you already have a beautiful backdrop and plenty of natural light without having to do anything! Decor outdoors can be simple as well when you already have, for example, a beautiful garden space.  Indoor spaces don’t always have the most flattering light. Your photographer may have to set up a few lights to ensure that they can capture all of your special moments. 

Not feeling the great outdoors? No problem! There are plenty of indoor venues for a variety of themes/aesthetics and that satisfy many budgets. Indoor spaces are climate controlled so no worrying about the weather! You also won’t have to fret over food and drinks as you’ll be indoors away from critters. Many foods and drinks have to be kept or are better kept at a certain temperature. An outdoor setting can cause your precious (and expensive!) cake to melt before your reception. 

Today, many engaged couples opt for a combination of both! Having their ceremony outdoors then coming in for the reception or vice versa. Have you considered an outdoor ceremony with an indoor reception? Consider these reasons plus more when selecting the venue of your dreams.

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