Selecting a Day/Date

What to Think About When Selecting a Date

Would you ever consider saying your “I Do’s” on a Sunday? What about a Friday? Thursday? Would you ever get married on a holiday? Or your birthday? Let’s talk about what you should consider when selecting your wedding day/date. 

More and more modern couples are stepping out and marrying on weekdays. As we all know, Saturday, in many cultures, is the most popular day to get married. Many of your guests will be off and can recover all Sunday from the festivities before returning to work on Monday. However, being that the day is so popular, Saturdays are always booked. We urge that you book your date well in advance to ensure you get the date you desire. 

Did you know in some cultures Tuesday is considered an unlucky day? Tuesday is indeed the least popular day to get married and guests are very unlikely to come out on a Tuesday. But, no worries! There are a few other days you should consider. Wednesday weddings, surprisingly, have increased in popularity. Hump Day is an off-peak day to think about to give your guests a little mid week break to let loose and have some fun! 

Let’s talk about money! Weddings are costly. We know. To take advantage of cheaper rates from venues, photographers, caterers and other vendors, tie the knot on a Friday or Sunday. Sundays especially boast deals! 

We’ve gotten the day of the week out of the way, now what about the date!? Choosing your wedding date isn’t just about what is available, but about what date means something special to you and your partner. Dates that many couples gravitate to include the day of their first date, first kiss they shared, when they made it official, their engagement date, the birthday of a loved one who has passed, or even one of their birthdays. Even though it has decreased in popularity, some couples choose to wed on national holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc. There are many superstitions around these days, as well as the fact that many of your guests may be opposed to a Thanksgiving Day wedding for example. Holiday weddings are best suited for elopements or very small, intimate weddings. 

Our Helpful Tip! Compose a list of venues you love and check what days they have available. You can also pick your date first then select a venue, but we suggest the first option as choosing a venue in your budget, that fits your vision, is the way to go!

We want to know what you think! Have we persuaded you to think about an off peak wedding day? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments. 

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