What to Wear?

A Guide on What Your Guests Should Wear to Your Wedding!

There are so many choices for attire when it comes to your wedding guests. We’ve narrowed it down to 6 of the most common dress code styles. 

White Tie is the most formal of them all. This dress code was once the standard dress code for any event. White Tie is rarely seen today and mostly reserved for royal balls and banquets. For men, the suit jacket must be an evening tailcoat, worn unbuttoned and complete with peaked lapels. For the pants, trousers must be high waist and not too baggy or loose. Add some light colored cufflinks and black patent leather shoes as they are a requirement for this style. To top it off, add a top hat if you’d like!
For our ladies a floor length gown is the code whether you opt for a Cinderella ball gown or something a little less grand. For shoes, an open toe is no no and heels should not be too high. Now it’s time to accessorize! Gloves are a classy touch, preferably opera length gloves. You may also add a bracelet, elegant earrings like pearls, a brooch, tiara (if you’re married and the invitation states White-tie with Decorations) and a small evening purse. 

Next is Black Tie, a more common and affordable option for your guests. Women are still suggested to wear a floor length gown, but you can ditch the tiara and gloves! Elegant jewelry is still a must to add to a beautiful evening gown. 
As for our men, a black tuxedo is best. Pair this with a white shirt and black tie, preferably a bow tie and black leather shoes. Lastly, a nice metal watch is the perfect touch!

Let’s keep on going! Formal/black tie optional is the chance to loosen up, just a little. Men can still opt for a tuxedo, but a dark suit is also fine, think navy blue. Ladies may keep the evening gown option or a dressy shorter dress is appropriate as well. Dressy separates are also a go.

 Still with us? Semi-formal is the most common of the six on our list. Ladies first: Cocktail, midi or maxi length dresses are the move! If dresses are not your style, pantsuits and jumpsuits are another option. Open toe and strappy shoes are acceptable as well for a semi-formal wedding. Men are also able to loosen up! Start with a more casual dress shirt or even polo shirt under a suit jacket with a tie. Pants can be dress pants, chino or even khakis as long as they’re no rips. Shoes can be a little more casual as well, but dark colors are still suggested. 

Cocktail is the next most common dress code. It’s the perfect combo of comfy and classy! With cocktail attire you’re not limited by colors or patterns; however we suggest that you consider the location and time of day. Let’s chat about accessories! Statement necklaces or earrings, printed pocket squares, and unique cufflinks are just a few ways to jazz up your cocktail ensemble. 
Women are advised to wear midi length dresses or an elegant jumpsuit or dressy separates. Men may also wear separates, as the jacket and pants do not have to be the same color and a tie is not required.

And lastly, the most comfortable of course, casual. Casual is pretty self-explanatory, but we do want to touch on what not to wear. Many guests mistake casual for informal. It is up to you what you do not want guests to wear, but it is common courtesy to avoid tank tops, jeans, shorts and sneakers. 

Attire will also depend on the weather. Casual in the summer may mean sundresses and khakis while casual in the fall/winter will definitely call for a jacket or cardigan.

Please keep in mind your venue, the season, and time of day as these details matter when deciding your wedding dress code. No matter what you choose, we know you and your guests are going to look great. Send us some pics! 

Best Wishes, 

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