Would you consider a micro wedding?

Let’s be honest. Weddings can be very, very expensive. The cost of living is steadily on the rise and inflation is no joke. More and more couples are deciding to host micro weddings. Micro weddings are a cost effective way to tie the knot. Keep reading to see some of our pros and cons of having a micro wedding. 

Starting with the pros! The best thing about micro weddings is the cost. If your budget is already a little tight you can get more bang for your buck by choosing a small venue that fits your needs. Smaller venues or smaller spaces in the venue of your choosing, are likely to cost less. Always see what you can work out with the owner/manager. You never know! 

Our second pro is intimacy. With a smaller crowd the vibe is more intimate and personal. If you have a very close knit family or friend group this is always a plus. You won't have to send anyone on a search for Uncle Larry when it's time to take some family pics! And for our last pro, with a small guest list and cost effective budget, you are likely to be less stressed out. Weddings are full of many small details, while opting for a micro wedding doesn't completely diminish this, it will give you more peace of mind with having less guests. Catering to 30 guests is much easier than having to accommodate 150 guests. 

Now onto our cons. The number one con is probably your guest list. If you have a large family or friend group, you’ll have to narrow down who you really want at your ceremony. Be warned that some family and friends may be offended if they do not receive an invite, but remember that it is your special day and YOU decide your vision of that day. Next up, be mindful of your crowd. It may take a little more effort to keep a smaller group entertained throughout the night. Millennial couples are adding fun details and games to their wedding reception such as corn hole, jenga, and even an inflatable castle and to keep things interesting. Last, you may have some regrets of not having a larger wedding. Be sure that a smaller wedding is what you truly want. The last thing you want to do is look back on your day and have any regrets. 

Either way, we know that with some great planning, organization, and assistance, that you can create your dream wedding with any budget or size!

Best Wishes, 

Bridal Town Productions


An ideal micro wedding costs less than $10,000 compared to the average wedding cost of $30,000. Costs varies from state to state.  

Small Ceremonies

Many couples love the intimacy of a small ceremony surrounded by their closest friends and family. 

Fun Add Ons

A fun and festive reception is the perfect way to keep guests entertained. Activities like Connect Four, ring toss, & bocce ball are a few great ideas!

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