Five Tips for Planning a Memorable Wedding Day

There’s so much planning that goes into executing your special day. Whether you opt for a professional planner or enlist the assistance of family and friends, here are FIVE tips for planning a memorable wedding day. 

Tip #1 : Determine Your Wedding Vision

You’re engaged! Congratulations! Take some time to relish in the blissful feeling that you’ve found the one. Now we have some planning to do! Let’s start by asking a few questions. 

How do you envision your special day? What about the guest list size? Are we aiming for a small, intimate affair or a larger lavish ceremony? What season are you imagining for your day? Where would you like to tie the knot? Locally? Elsewhere in the state? Destination wedding perhaps?

There are soooo many questions you must ask yourselves when planning your wedding. Honestly, it can get a bit overwhelming. However you’re dreaming of that day, be sure to jot down everything you want and even things you don’t want to stay organized. 

Tip #2: Keep Track of EVERYTHING

Weddings are composed of many details. Major details such as the date you select, your venue, and your bridal party down to smaller details including a cake topper, reserved seating signs, and finding your “something blue”, all matter. One of the best ways to keep track of all of these details is to use a planner. Many modern brides utilize digital planners, wedding sites with built in planners, while some still opt for a physical day planner. Our advice? Do what works for you!

Tip #3: Set Your Budget

The average wedding costs around $29,000. Yikes. But great news! Yours doesn’t have to cost that much. Create a realistic budget and stick to it. Creating a budget that works for you and your groom or bride to be, can help to keep costs at bay. First, It is important to sort out where the funds are coming from. Are you and your future husband or wife covering all the costs? Are either of your parents or other relatives helping with costs? Savings? Be sure to create your budget with these things in mind

*Pro Tip: Set aside a 10-15% buffer for unexpected or emergency costs. You never know!

Tip #4: Create Your Guest List

Whether you’re hosting a large or small wedding, composing your guest list is one of the most important tasks! Set aside some time for you and your partner to sit down and write out your guest list. Write down the names of everyone you would like to be in attendance. Now here’s the tricky part…ALL of those people probably don’t need to be on your list. 

Let’s be real, some are there because your mom wants them there. Some won’t be able to make it. And some may need to be cut due to venue capacity. Budget and venue capacity will determine your number of guests. Keep this in mind as you hunt for your ideal venue. 

Tip #5: Create a Pinterest

Pinterest is such a great tool for planning your special day! Many couples using Pinterest save money by finding DIY ideas for their wedding, planning checklists and more. There is so much inspiration for everything from selecting your color palette, to your attire, to bouquet ideas, to cake designs and so much more! 

So go on and create a board for your wedding! Or even better, create a board for each aspect of your day and plan away. 

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