Searching for Your Wedding Venue?

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You’ve thought a lot about a date, set your budget and began to compile a list of your closest family and friends. So what’s next? Let’s search for the venue of your dreams! There are many aspects to consider when searching for the perfect wedding venue. We’re going to touch on 8 major factors that will help in your decision making process. 

First, and probably the most important for many couples is cost. At this point it is best if you have decided on a budget so that you know how much you’re working with and how much you would like to allocate solely to your venue. According to The Knot, the average wedding venue as of 2022 costs $11,200. To some this is reasonable and to some this number may be quite steep. There are many venues that cost less depending on your guest list size, location and even what time of year you’re getting married. 

Second, we have size/capacity. Can the space accommodate your guests? The larger your list, the bigger your venue and more costly it will be. Narrow your venue search by only looking at venues that will accommodate your guest size. This will save you so much time and headache!

Next up is flexibility. What does the venue allow? What don’t they allow? For example some venues do not allow cold sparklers. If you’re set on having these at your wedding then some venues will surely be off limits. Another example is alcohol. If you choose one of the many lovely vineyards we have here in the Garden State, then keep in mind that wine will be the only alcoholic beverage allowed. These are just some things to remember as you select your venue!

Fourth on our list is catering! Many venues have an in house caterer especially if you’re utilizing a hotel or country club. Booking a venue that already includes catering can be the easier route to take. However, if you have an outside caterer you’d prefer, it is best to locate a space that allows outside catering. GOOD NEWS! There are plenty of spaces that allow this, so no need to fret. 

Following, we have parking. Parking can be such a hassle, especially in larger, major cities. Is there sufficient parking for your guests? Is parking hard to get to? Does it cost? These are things to consider when hunting down your ideal venue. You should also be sure to communicate parking details to guests so that they will be prepared. We don’t want anyone’s car getting towed or anything of the sorts!

Are you still with us there? Just a few more left! At number 6 we have: aesthetic/vibe. Two overused words on this day; however it is important that your wedding colors, theme, etc., match the venue’s aesthetic. For example, most couples wouldn’t host a Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Great Gatsby themed wedding at a barn or more rustic venue. They would likely opt for a venue that exudes glitz and glamor. 

Our second to last factor is…location, location, location. Are you getting married locally or outside of your city, state or even country? Is the venue you like in a busy area? Is it in a more rural, secluded area? More and more couples are choosing destination weddings as it allows them to wed and honeymoon in the same place. 

Last, but not least is the venue’s layout and how you plan to utilize it. Are you able to or want to host both your ceremony and reception on the same property? Are there good spots for photos? It is very common these days to book a venue where your guests do not have to travel to different properties to celebrate your day. It was once more common to wed in a church then head to a venue for the reception, but many soon to be brides and grooms are opting out of this tradition. 

If you’ve made all the way to the end, thank you! We hope you keep these factors and more in mind when planning your special day. 

Best Wishes, 

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