What We're All About

With over 23 years in the Wedding Industry, Founder and Show Producer Brian Kania has one goal in mind “SUCCESS.”  When Brian decided to open BridalTown Productions he was tired of the same old shows that his Entertainment company use to showcase in.  He would spend thousands of dollars a year on these show just to see the same couples week after week.  After the show he would then wait around for his lead list that was supposed to be given to him and found himself contacting the production company over and over only to find the same names that were on the previous list.  After many nights of thinking “there has got to be a better way to get quality leads and show off his services to potential couples.”  Brian started to talk to other wedding professionals and asking what they would like to see in the shows that they attended. His thoughts did not stop there; he wanted to know what the engaged couples wanted to see when they attended these shows also. He learned that there was one other important piece to these puzzle, The Location.  Brian would go to different venues as the entertainer of the events he worked and started to talk to the staff and banquet manager asking them their views on bridal shows.  So after many months of research Brian found out what was important to his colleagues and their clients and started to plan out a way to execute what would be the best way to produce a great bridal show.  As many ventures in life there were bumps in the road that needed to be smoothed out.  After planning the first show Brian had learn there were some things that he did not think of in his planning.  The biggest one was how to get the couples to attend his shows.  So back to the planning stages he went and started to talk to advertising company such as The Knot, Wedding Wire, Wed Alert and realized these company charged a lot to advertise with in their publications.  Knowing that one of the most important things to his colleagues was the cost factor of coming in to the shows. Brian started to work on the advertisers to try and get the cost down.  He also decided that maybe talking to the other professionals and networking with them could help.  He figured that the photographer has a client that may need his entertainment services and other services.  So he asks everyone that was a vendor in the show to invite his or her clients to come to the show. This seemed to work out very well; after the next show Brian seen a nice flow of couples coming to talk to the vendors. As he grew the shows he also started to meet other wedding professionals and continued to ask what they would like to see at bridal shows. By keeping an open mind and communicating with the other professionals, Brian and his team has made BridalTown Productions a successful trade show company that provides wedding professional and engaged couples the mirage they deserve.